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Forever Friends (Romance / Drama)

Log Line

After a long separation, two childhood friends toy with the idea of romance with each other as they date others and pursue their careers.

Script Info

Script Type: Feature
Genre: Romance / Drama
Length: 110 pages
Est. Budget: $1M - $5M

Screenplay Synopsis

The story opens in Little Rock, Arkansas, with two teenagers, PAULA KIMBALL and HAL BRADEN, having a picnic in a meadow, where she sings a ballad for him in front of their unique tree with the carved message "PK & HB Friends 4 Ever." However, just as Paula hopes their relationship can move to a different level, she learns that Hal's father is forcing him to go to college in Texas.

Six years later, Paula visits her estranged father at the hospital. Near-death, he reveals that he regrettably gave up a promising music career to care for her and her terminally-ill mother. His last words to Paula were "follow your dreams." Hal flies to Little Rock to support Paula, and they bury her father's ashes. Hal returns to Dallas, and Paula discovers a great aunt, VERA, 70s, who owns her childhood home. A few months later, the wise-cracking, free-spirited woman moves into the house. Vera gives Paula an old notebook filled with songs that her father wrote.

Hal moves back to Little Rock, and they discover they're not the same. Paula prefers successful preppie-types, and Hal restricts himself to fuck buddies. Soon after, Hal's co-worker, ZEKE, 30s, falls for Paula at a company banquet, and Hal sets them up. After a whirlwind courtship, they marry, much to Hal's dismay. On their honeymoon, Paula and her husband hang with a NIGHTCLUB OWNER. Shortly after that, Paula's husband becomes a workaholic, and their intimate life suffers. Taking advice from Vera, Paula shows up at Zeke's office in a sexy outfit and finds him having sex with another woman.

Paula has a wreck and recovers at Hal's condo while she contemplates what to do about her marriage, unaware that Hal is seriously dating a COWGIRL, 30s. Paula and Hal become closer than ever and frequent karaoke bars sparking Paula's interest in singing. One night, the nightclub casino owner hears Paula sing at a bar and expresses an interest in her talent. Just as Hal questions his feelings for his cowgirl, Paula finds out about her. Upset, Paula moves in with a GIRLFRIEND, 20s.

Thinking Hal is in love, Paula reunites with Zeke. Even though Hal doesn't feel there's any hope of a future with Paula, he breaks up with the cowgirl. Zeke falls back into old habits, and Paula leaves him for good. Through Vera's wise advice, Paula puts her feelings for Hal in perspective and pursues her inherited gifts as a singer-songwriter.

Months later, Hal hears that Paula is divorced and goes to Vera for advice. Vera tells Hal that Paula is happy and working on songs to perform at the casino nightclub. Hal puts his hopes for a future with Paula aside for her happiness and remains at bay. A few weeks later, Paula admits to Vera that the singing success doesn't mean anything without Hal, and Vera tells her to follow her heart. Paula and Hal marry, and Paula accepts a job at the club for weekends only. Hal changes their tree carving to "PK & HB Friends & Lovers 4 Ever."

About This Screenplay

FOREVER FRIENDS captures the sexual undertones and banter of WHEN HARRY MET SALLY while exploring deep-rooted character issues as in SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. The two leads in this story are standout roles and could be played by various races. The female lead will attract a singer/actress.

This screenplay received a recommend from Jacob Stuart, founder of “Screenwriter Staffing” [www.screenwritingstaffing.com] and "Screenplay Readers" [www.screenplayreaders.com].