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Secret Hideaway (Thriller / Horror)

Log Line

The world of two lesbians hiding dark pasts collides at their campground with corrupt patrons and a police detective searching for a serial killer.

Script Info

Script Type: Feature
Genre: Thriller / Horror
Length: 100 pages
Est. Budget: $1M - $5M

Screenplay Synopsis

Pulling a fifth-wheel, ZEKE (30s), arrives at SECRET HIDEAWAY, a campground in North Carolina, owned by HOLLY (20s; butch). Across town, DETECTIVE BEN KNAPP (40s) retrieves a bloody robe from Officer Chang, who guards a coma patient, the latest victim of a serial killer. Holly, well-built, has an adverse reaction to piggish Zeke entering her office. There shopping, LUCA (40s; shifty), a Mexican monthly, notices Zeke flashing a wad of cash. Later, Holly wakes from a nightmare. She takes an Ambien and reclines, while Zeke drives through the park, waking Luca.

Holly is disturbed by a headline reading: "Latest Serial Killer Victim in Coma." That night, Holly becomes enraged when she discovers Zeke didn't unhook his water hose, as directed. The next morning, Zeke's truck is gone, but the fifth wheel remains. Two pretty partiers, SASHA and DENISE, check-in for the night.

Holly is spellbound when CANDY (20s), a sexy bombshell, checks in as a monthly. That night, as they spy on Sasha, Denise, and Candy drinking and cavorting, Holly becomes jealous, and Luca gets aroused. The next night, Candy touches Holly, who reflexively knocks Candy out with a flashlight. Later, Candy regains consciousness in Holly's bed. Unable to remember, Candy allows Holly to nurse her.

Looking for clues, Ben visits Secret Hideaway. Holly and Candy bond over Holly's dog's gravesite in a pet cemetery. Candy moves in with Holly. Captain Jordan threatens Ben's job if he doesn't find the killer. Zeke's jilted wife, PAULA (30s), calls Ben and reports that Zeke stole a million dollars in cash from her. Ben further questions Holly, who tells him that Zeke left without his fifth-wheel earlier. Paula hires JUSTUS (40s), a black private detective, to follow Ben.

Holly tells Candy how her stepfather molested her, bringing them closer. Sasha and Denise return to the park for a one-nighter. After drinking with Luca, he forces himself on Sasha. When Denise threatens to call the cops, Luca leaves. All three depart the next day. Candy's memory returns. As she tries to escape, Holly uses her karate skills to take her down. Candy awakens in a secret room, chained to a wall, with Zeke chained across from her. When repulsive Zeke assaults Candy, Holly kills him, reuniting the two lesbians. As they prepare to bury Zeke, Holly confesses that she and her mom buried her stepfather there, after Holly killed him during a rape attempt.

Luca sets up a tent in the woods to watch Holly and Candy's sexcapades. Justus finds it, and a bagful of money. Luca whacks Justus and buries him in a shallow grave. Later, Justus frees himself and crawls to a road. He's taken to a hospital, where he tells Ben about the incident. Armed with new info, Ben bursts into Luca's trailer and beats him until Luca relinquishes the money. Ben kills Luca, then discovers half the money's missing.

Ben re-visits Justus and learns about the pet cemetery. Ben runs a search on Holly and discovers a motive for her to kill Zeke. The coma victim awakens and gives Ben a chilling account of his attempted murder. Ben hastens to Secret Hideaway and a fateful confrontation with the mad killer.

About This Screenplay

SECRET HIDEAWAY is thematically similar to SPLIT (2016) but takes a different, unique path. It contains numerous twists and turns that build to a titillating surprise ending.

The two leading parts are showcase roles for women and the LGBT community. The script is producible on a low budget with its contained location and characters and will appeal to a broad audience.